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Birthdate:Nov 16, 1979
Muse and mun are 18+

Old money never interested Eames Arden - well, not his family's old money anyway.

He's very much interested in divesting other people from their trust funds so long as he doesn't have to bother worrying about his own.

Growing up with the name "Arden" that hearkened back too many centuries never sat well with Eames (and yes, that is his first name, thanks to his rather sadistic mother) and he left his stuffy old family who wanted no more of him than he wanted of them when he was first able to at eighteen. His ticket out of the Arden household was the British Royal Academy and from thereon out he was a military man until the age of twenty-four when he was introduced to dream sharing technology.

While he was no stranger to thievery and forgeries, dream share blew his life wide open and he hasn't been the same ever since. A true forger by nature he inhabits the skins of others at will, in their minds, and even paints some rather impressive fakes of the greats. Almost as good as van Meegeren, Eames has been honing this craft on the side of stealing people's thoughts.
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